People may say, that i'm off the rails,
That's probably true, but if all else fails,
I just flip a coin, choose heads or tails,
And if my guess is right, then i just set sail.

I wake up with my head in the clouds,
I feel so built up but i'm so let down,
There's no way,
Here's my mum and she's so houseproud,
But if she saw me last night she wouldn't be so proud,
It feels good to be back now i'm on it again,
The things i said last night may have lost me some friends,
But i'm telling you the truth when i say i don't care,
I think the clothes i woke up in will be the ones that i wear.

I can't be arsed to dwell on what i did last night,
I'm sick of people trying to tell me how to live my life,
So i'm walking down the stairs screaming i don't care,
I grab a fag out of my pocket because i like the fresh air,
I've got no plans for the day so i make my own,
Pour myself another pint now i'm in my zone,
Leave a note for my mum saying 'be back at 5,'
And when i get out of the door i start to feel alive.

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