It looks as if the wind has again change for her
The candle that she lit has been blown out
Her pride isn't the only thing she swallows on a nightly basis
Her head is filled with doubt

On lonely sunday nights she often wishes that she had someone
When she's well away from the flashing lights that a friday night provide
She tries to her change her ways but her efforts go to waste
Cos when the weekend comes she's gagging for a taste

She don't know where she's heading but she knows it's somewhere
She will wake up with no money and a sore head
She's done this once too many times and had enough
She'd love to start afresh but doesn't think she could

She always gets around she's never stationary
Attempts to just say no, never succeeds
She wraps her legs around this sense of comfort that she gets from it
And gets all the attention that she needs

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