You both said things you shouldn't have,
And now she's getting in her cab,
You've blown it once again,
Are you the one to blame?

Your stubborness has held you back,
Delusion faded out the facts,
The drink outspoke your voice,
She says it's your own choice,

And the sentiment that echos through your mind
Leaves you feeling so deprived
And there's no one there to help

And the irony has lost itself on you
'cause you've always told the truth
But now you're lying to youself,

Remenisce on cosy early days,
When you were living in a daze,
Just floating through the weeks,
And showing off your teeth,

But now those smiles have become stale,
The rosy cheeks are turning pale,
There's no more going back,
You can't seal up the cracks

You only regret
The things that you don't do
They're hiding in your mind

You wont appriciate
The things so close to you
Until they're out of sight

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