They tell us, you've got no chance of doing that
You'll end up like the rest in a one-bedroomed flat
Ambitions are for fools, well i'm not sure about that
Before we start the race, they say we're gonna finish last

And how i'd love to see their face
When they find out they were wrong
Because who are they to tell us
Just where we belong?

I don't have the time to listen to your observations
I can't wait around because i just do not have the patience
There's a world out there and it's set up for me to see
And i'm not content with seeing it on the t.v

You're deluded little boys, your head is in the clouds
You say you're making lots of noise
I tell them wait and see, and if our dreams crash and burn
It wasn't meant to be and it's just someone elses turn

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