I'm sick and tired of this, it really takes the piss,
There's all these people trying to tell me what to do,
Well you should get a job, stop living like a slob,
But maybe this is how i wanna live my life,
They hand me a4 sheets, that remain incomplete,
And say you need to go to university,
Well i'm not sure 'bout that,
Think i'll just get a flat,
And waste my days watching t.v and drinking tea.

I'm undecided what to do with my life,
Don't worry about me i'm sure i'll be alright,
I'll sleep all day and if i want to i'll drink all night,
Don't worry about me i promise you i'll be alright,
I'm gonna be alright

I think i need some space, everyone's in my face,
Just leave me be i'm sure that i will find my way,
Focus on your own life, fuck off is too polite,
I've made my bed and that is where i'm gonna lay,
I'm happy wasting time, writing down pointless lines,
But i know soon i'll get to where i wanna be,
And you can choose you see, you either support me,
Or you can piss off and stop going on at me

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