You've only got yourself to blame, you've heard it all before
Sunday seems to fly away, but monday isn't sure
And you've found yourself divided between comfort and desire
You drag yourself out of your bed 'cause you wake up uninspired
Time will tell you all the things you need to know
But when you want a fast solution the outcomes always slow
And you can try to run away, singing catch me if you can
You can do things your own way, but it's not part of the plan

Only time will tell
But it's not so good with words
Waiting for the fog to clear

Only time will tell
You the things you have not hear
When it whispers in your ear

You've found yourself in purgatory, as time is ticking on
Before you know it, the hours you had left have been and gone
Your laziness speeds up the process, the hours turn to days
And you can't help but feel asif they've all just gone to waste

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