K-Nuff verse:

The other day I heard a cry from a baby
And the sound was amazing
As I contemplated, "How do we start so simple and get so complicated?"
So we search and we try to be clever
Can't stand but we lie together
We spring through the summer, winter we slumber
The fall of man's gone forever


I feel like I've lost my way
How can I get it back show me
Alone on my own I let you
But now I need you to save me
I need you to save me

Butta P verse:

I can still hear the cry of our nation; we need you
But we keep on fighting, hoping and trying, yet your love will keep us alive
This generation is broke and needs healing
Someone how we lost sight of who you are but we bow down now

Juanlove verse:

I'm like a generation that's drowning
Beneath the silver moon I'm far from grounded
I speak the language of the streets but my insecurities they surround me
Like the smoke I blow from nostrils meant to take in the scent from flowers
Hours turn to days and days give birth to twins of crumbling towers
Even the grass is winterkilled, creation seems to only wither
And redemption is but an afterthought see I can sympathize with killers
On nights like these, on nights like these I find comfort in shadows
Breaking bread with bitter thieves who stole my rights to meet the gallows
But it's like I'm being kept alive, kept alive by something cosmic
Something large, something invading, it's something cosmic
But I left my will to live in a crack house three blocks away
And I surrendered my self-respect to the pimps and hoes who rule the day
I'm a generation that's drowning, sinking deep like submarines
From old Blind Bartimaeus to the little child wearing dungarees
I'm speaking from a place of hunger, from a place of wonder
Where we rape and plunder. I'm a drowning generation
And you can't hear me because the thunder

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