Butta p verse:

Every single fan we made
Every time we've claimed his name
Every single night we go on stage
We change the game we unashamed
Every single mic i've held
Every single story i tell
Every email showing love that tells us
We know that we've done it well
Every single life we've touched
Even though it's been so tough
Oing on tour with no dough we did it even to the cities that don't play us much what's the point if they don't know?
Who we serve then they won't grow
We gotta leave a mark fingerprints on lives
Wanna see the next generation grow.


It was november 1st, my baby's birth
I'm journaling like katie couric
Finally touching up the album, hoping for an aftermath like shady's first
80 verses between us all get bodied like 80 hurst
Earthquake claiming a 100 thousand, we're hoping to shake up; haiti's worse
No i ain't a baller except for them courts on 81st
But i am rich with love from my wifey and daughter… ladies first
Corny as you think it is, it's priceless when you influence
Your daughter seeing her daddy act just the way god is to his

Juanlove verse:

Mid december and now it's getting cool, but the pressures starting to mound
Like i'm the only one who's worried about how this music is gonna sound
I'm steady juggling this record, with a little novel and it's getting down-right
Exhausting plus my son has gotten so big and he's running 'round
My nature is to sit in silence and torture myself beneath the clouds
Until i… empty myself of everything and leave behind some broken ground
But see my city never sleeps and it barely blinks or settles down
So i'm just left here with my crew as the percussion beats and pounds

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