Why's It Gotta Be So Hard

Rhema Soul

K-nuff verse:

If you're living you know that this life can be challenging granted
We're different but similar problems we face on the planet,
We struggle and hustle and rumble to get out the jungle, but all we need is to huddle together remain humble
The meek will inherit; it's promised the world will be ours,
So why do we chase that yellow brick gold on the way to oz
We toil and we work and we stress for that piece of the pie
Cus adam and eve took a bite now we're reaping a lie,
But there's a ribbon in the sky this life is a gift
But even when opening up a present you got to tear got to rip
See, there's pain before change
Just ask your mom about the pain before you came, but she'll do it again
Because the pain was what she paid to give you your name
A means to an end, this concept will get you saved
The nonsense is here to stay,
So i side step through it and embrace the day

Juanlove verse:

Man, i spent so much time just fumbling around
Struggling and striving, falling, tumbling down
We face a similar plight, living in the slums and the towns
But i'll break free and work till i'm one with the sound
It's a universal pain and we're hunkering down
No daydreaming about the future i'm stuck in the now
Trying to provide my family a bucket of chow
And at the same time remain faithful and trust and allow
Your hand to work so there's no use in me wondering how
It's all gonna work; it roars like something that's loud
See we hunger for more, we wanna plummet and soar
And teach your people to not consider gun in the drawer
We're trying to figure it out; we are the humble and proud
But i would urge them to cease with the fronting for now
People are hurting and the blunder is something that's foul
We need to be inside your circle like something that's round

Butta p verse:

Do we really know what struggle is or know what a fights like?
Is life really as hard as we make it on some nights?
How can we ignite light when we dim our own lights?
This life aint always bright
But compared to his plight
He got whipped and laughed at, spit on and slapped at
He healed the sick and poor but he suffered the backlash
He even brought laz back and cleaned up paul's bad act
For every stripe he took he promised healing for bad backs
The cross was his last rap, they thought till they went back
And three days later yeah, he rose up like nasdaq
So how can we act wack, complain and be abstract
And even if i tried, no my life could never match that
When i'm weak my knees will catch that, prayers are what we all lack
He came to set us free, so let the pain do a backtrack
I'll suffer if i'm asked that, his grace will take me past that
My faith will run my race until the day the skies crack back

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