K-nuff verse:

This time i'll keep it simple,
Figured i'd do you a favor
No blemishes or pimples,
I am proactive with flavor
It doesn't matter if you're grown or you are a teenager
This here is meant to hit you harder than ali did frazier
The darkest night is hopeful when it seems
I slept and woke up in a dream
I feel like a celebrity in this here moment
Now when i stand they notice every kink, sponges i'll soak up everything
Leaches won't leave you anything but broke and lonely
The lights and cameras on me flickering
Ultra bright reds
Feel like they're seeing my darkest secrets and my white heads
Yeah that's sort of nasty, but if you just focus you can see
An open book, i'm full of war like them novels from clancy
Some might call me panzee, some look to harm me in alleys
Others got armies and ammunition they're targeting at me
Whether you hate me or fancy, love to debate or attack me
I am still standing here gladly, making a statement, no plan b

Juanlove verse:

My…vision is hazy at best, but conviction makes me restless
Or…maybe i'm crazy at best, and wearing my words like necklace
Carving a space like lumberjacks so brave i mess with texas
Or i'm martin scorsese at best, with pictures that make you breathless
Under the flashing lights, but… still just on the verge of reckless
Truthfully i've so much soul, and this much soul leaves a man headless
See buddy holly said that the sky belongs to the stars
I then converted this truth to bars and realized i'll never need a lexus
Life in abundance never the man seeking to hold a death wish
Maybe, i'm patrick swayze at best, but, even my ghost is deathless
Truth is i'm trying to stretch this, so ease up off my checklist
I'm fixed upon the surface, and hope floats just like a dead fish
So, pardon my rhetoric this poetry is like post modern tetris
Maybe i'm just a builder at best, and just nehemiah gets this
All prophets are hated like diseases and tetanus
Scrutinized under the microscope we bask in his freshness

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