Butta p verse:

If i was to ever let go
I'm insured like the gecko
I'm promised a greater saving
By the one who gave his life so
Cue the music maestro
Let the games begin
My fathers the ultimate fighter, it's in my blood to win
I'm coming from the bottom but my place is at the top
We're beyond the stage we rock above the clouds is where i'll stop
Never working on a delay rather working like a relay
Hand it off to next in line that be us the cheers like "hooray"
While others be like "who they?"
Hoping that one day we leave a mark as high as blu ray
Even though it's true we've been blessed too face the blue days
God has kept on his two way, now we waking up like new days
Off the top like toupee's
You cannot deny us, they tried us but we are wired
Prized fighters, we on fire gave our lives so call us lifers
He is so much higher worth the fight i'd rather die
If i ain't trying then i'm lying and i'd rather just retire

K-nuff verse:

People ask me why we, keep doing this proudly
Or how we deal with no deal like howie
Oh how we've been putting the work in, so much so when i rhyme
Often at times i tuck my shirt in
Yeah, i'm steady waiting
For the day, you come to see your favorite group perform and we are they; plus we are saved
It's in the making, ever since creation, purpose lives in every life an ours is for the taking
Was never into baking, no need to get the cake in,
If we just keep it hot the dough will rise for the occasion
It's so delicious,
My daily bread is my nutrition
So i indulge in the word like bulimic's into binging
I'm an independent artist with a message
That the world ain't trying to hear so just as good as yours my guess is,
As far as if this will ever come to pass,
They say the best is yet to come, i guess we're blessed to come in last

Juanlove verse:

So little time, so many mics, and so much is undetermined
So many souls holding to glass hearts and their brittle minds
Some day's perspective is lost, and some nights i'm so encouraged
Up soaking up sermons determined you can't belittle mine
Turning and tossing and burning no flossing it's a burden
Crossing river jordan with no staff my flesh and stomach churning
Some day's perspective is buried beneath the piles of rubbish
Or like a bum soaked in oceans of bubbly and bourbon
That's when the morning shows its face like a newborn
Disturbing me like a new dawn and itching to wake me from my sleep
I turn the other cheek hoping i'll never have to rise
But then this vision reemerges and i'm on my feat
It's like this tug of war, no mask inside my dresser drawer
But i stand up like a matador, gotta understand that less is more
Less of me, less of the ways that lead men to the grave
I'm reaching passed the sky to grab a hold of what my father gave

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