K-nuff verse:

Always been smaller, born premature, either or, maybe i'm a just a dream; a figment of the creator
Been abroad, seen him for what he is….huge
I've seen the lord's work in scotland, in prague he moves
You ain't saw nothing yet, nuff ain't holding nothing back
Call it as i see it the devil is just a sucker jack
How do relate this? this is my only irk and it
Hurts to see my people living in the basement, aching
Searching the dark and they find nathan, they're waiting for change and they think is coming in the am
But when you live below the pavement it's hard to really take in the beautiful sun even when it's blatant
That's what it is
Understand this connotation; this is an illustration of love so stop hating
Just let me live
I'm trying to serve, while supplying the earth
With an alternative to the pain and hurt, that gets worse
So yeah i'm a veteran, been rapping for better than a decade, but i've never been lame and i never can
Not if this world is in need of this medicine dying to the elements, i breathe peace let it in
Might calm your nerves like sedative to know; he makes a positive out of the negatives, you know
He could make something out of nada, when life gives you lemon you make it that lemonada
Clap, if you're feeling the vibe and you got a similar mind, and want a change to arrive,
And you lack, lack
So you know what it is, to not have a stock in a biz, or not a pot in to piss
And that's a sad state of events, making a choice between saving and paying your rent
Your life is a fight, you win some lose some
But you victory is given in christ so choose him

Chorus 2x:
Why all the hate
Why all the debates
We stay in our lane.
(just let me live)
Yes we are saved
But yes we are brave
So we'll go to the caves
(just let me live)
Where people are hurt
We're putting in work
While they're going bizerk
(just let me live)
We cease the moment
Give christ the glory
And that's when we tell of his story
(just let me live)

Juanlove verse:

Been working at this for years, combating the fears
Clear as a diamond i peer; only to watch the silver lining disappear
Wisdom beckons i arise and i cheer, trekking the sphere
And i ain't saying you owe me nothing but lend me your ear
I'll show you something that's ill, that doesn't wither like the grass in a field
Consider what will fill you more than a meal
My knees fail and i grow pale; glad i got a shield
And glad i've got a feel for the knowledge of god's appeal
I've got a will but its week
And a sneak peak is yesterday i sinned and today i pulled a repeat
In the footsteps of father, surrounded by utter drama
Also by beef seeking carnivores and piranhas
I'm but an emcee. and the burden is to assess the beat freshly
The convictions and the passions of my latin ancestry
Working out my faith in fear and trembling
So amid tremors and earthquakes my flesh is disassembling
And i'm falling apart, but getting put back together in the same right
It's like some sort of cage fight. but you can't box it in because the pain might
Cause a man to prosper. i struggle, so it's much bigger than rhema soul in concert
Consider that before you judge
Consider this before you hail me as a hero or one for which you hold a grudge
I'm but an old soul, on the same token a young fool
Jotting in a pad to work it out over the drum roll

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