Sky's Not The Limit Ft. Eddienigma

Rhema Soul

K-nuff verse:

If the sky is the limit
That means my mind isn't with it
My dreams are bias or crazy fly
Because they're higher than it is fly
I am eyeing infinite things i'm defying the physics
I know that i am just some ions compiled in his image
My only hope is the messiah, the guy the stick,
I'll travel wherever he wants me i ain't gonna pivot
I thank him and my lucky stars, for the mic i been given
Because he's behind all of these bars
Sort of like he's in prison so i am living this life
I'm pushing the limits; this life you'll come out with nothing, this life is what you put in it
Your image will fade and with it, you'll wither away diminish,
Look back on your days and wish that you lived it out the fullest
"abundant life" is how he put it yeah
We're animals that couldn't bear
The pounds he took before pounds were urban greeting like "put er there"
You must be unaware,
But i can't blame you; sometimes it feels like he's hidden, but holding it all together like under wear

Butta p verse:

Year after year i'm feeling
Like we are still rebuilding
We got a team so mean that
I could never see myself just chillin
I could never fall back
Cause all it does is call back
I been in a place before where i let go but had to crawl back
Now feel me when i tell ya i been thru hell but when a
Shorty got low on the dough i knew my time was up so i rebelled but
Christ in my life i'm shining, was blind but now i'm grinding
Steady on the move like a rescue crew emergency timing
My haters couldn't hold me
They try but can't destroy me
I'm made from a man who understands and told me that they need his story
I'm flying high now
So take me off your radar
Nothing in this world could hold me down don't compare to who they are
Call me crazy if you wanna
We're hotter than a sauna
The son we serve made the son that serves that heat up in your summers
The sky is not my limit
Listen if you don't get
God is the reason he's the one who sets up all my limits

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