It be about 1 am in the morning
Haven't started performing
The scent of smoke is alarming
But this is how it goes when
You're fulfilling your calling
Rocking a club and bar and
The love they give is enormous
So welcome to our show where
We get it in, keeping it relevant
Told me to go fly a kite and i did it like edison
Cus i am bringing the light kind of like genesis
Cus the ages are as dark as the culture we're living in
They need change we brung it on the stage
Armed with the same love he presented as he hanged
Now i'm presenting the gospel reframed
Packaged a little different but the picture is the same
Sleep tight while we're grinding
No longer explaining that was the 09' him
They say i'm unsettling; i got 'em thinking about death and life
Like a knight i'm medaling

Juanlove verse:

Whether in the party or the pad…we're like street sweepers on the ave.
But never peddling trash, on some full metal jacket when we mash
Mash on the opposition with the sounds and the clash
Never brag; won't boast at most i'm just a filthy rag
But i'm also a husband and a dad
See, i'll never lag; won't give in to the pressure
My freedoms been sought and bought like a jag
From the lot. i'm the lesser but he made me so rad
And i roll with the spirit so i never go stag
Uh, dead to flesh i might as well get toe tagged
Like a corpse, but like a fanny pack it's no fad
Stand firm upon the word, flaunt it like a flag
I'm far from a coach but these beats get bagged
Lyrical like a young bob dylan on smash
Drop a couple gemstones and i'm out in a dash

Butta p verse:

I came at you with that "hey, hey, mr. dj
Now i'm coming at you in this banger worth a replay
We are simply pieces making peace within this leaflet
He's my written thesis; please believe it when you see it
Excuse me mr. officer in case you ain't heard
We're known for murdering hits so this beat is getting merked
I do apologize for me and my fly guys
We're known for taking over making sure we're changing lives
So sorry for the uproar, the chaos that we're causing
The bass you're feeling pounding in your chest is our eruption
We are more than average, more than just some rap kids
More than just some beats and rhymes that make you feel like clapping
But please respect what happens, we arrive with all our madness
We are not ashamed so we scream it out like we mad men
Ain't no 50, 50 we give 1 double zeroes
Especially when we're repping christ, cause he's my hero

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