Damien, it's come to this. i cry for air and night it is, damien.
Can't help, now, but recall the fall of the first empire
And your hand of god that drew a pair of eyes in me.
Oh, damien, my paradise...
What has been done of sweet old love?
Were lies the sweetness, tenderness?
The theme of yore was just a phase?
The beauty in me, has it become disgrace?
What have i done for me to lose my place?
Must i get back with acting scenes?
Despaired, what should i do?, i asked myself.
I would have not made through
Without your song, my private sir devil.
No longer alone i was.
My glass to you i raise, for i then reconciled with my mind.
My dear, you deserve, and i deserved a private devil.
Silly young nights, dear, oh you just read right through me.
My head high was mine, so good this bit of self control.
Silly young nights forever and i'd be pleased...
But what's my free thought bringing to me?
Is it white light of dawn? no, get out. turn off.
Is darkness boring me?
I'll light a cigarette, that must amuse. one more dose.
I've put on many shows. it made me free long ago.
Why, then, is it falling apart?
Out with rock'n roll, it has been hurting my head so,
It's been a prison to my scotch.
Damien, it was such a delightful ride, but now
I have to move on.
Out with the nights, enough of you. free me.
T has been time to go for long, let me. you're now a bore, let go.
Don't make me get down on my knees.
I might get back sometime with scotch, low light but,
Rock'n roll aside, your smoky breath
Does not go down my throat no longer, no more.
It's not that easy, is it?
You've been caging me with nights for long, you monster.
I'll have the sun to open an opposite show.
Damien, damien... what good are you?

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