Arising through the mighty wisdom
the winds of unanimated sorrow
silently consume the light and horror

Beyond the kingdom of light, I implore hate with fear
with my hands floating in the
black winds of dark sky
consuming all the effort, to burst in myself

The sculptural sunset in my emotional sensibility
by grace of hate is comic now
and the skies inside of me, that I enlight
change their blue face for a
tormenting night full of rays.

The shiny that ride in this night
fight for the domination
of the infinite and universal dark
as I shine and ride in my own cosmic universe
it's my soul who fights for the domination
of my own light of darkness

And with temptation I search my real sign
so that this mighty wisdom
catches with rage the wind inside my fist
but the wind that is the son of the universe
encloses me into it's universal fist
Trying to catch the wing I was
catching for it
Trying to find my real sign
I am a sign of the dream of the universe

I implore with fear my sword that is hate
with purgatory emotional sensibility
I ride in this night of the stars
fighting for the domination of my own
light of darkness
trying to catch the wind in my first

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