Foto do artista Cenotaph

Repulsive Odor of Descomposition


Awake of a trance - of putrid remains
The odor of decomposition
Brings back reality

Trapped in my coffin
I'll rise again
Feelings of necrophagia
Make my sorrows appear
A premature funeral
Started all this fucking torment

As I begin to walk
To my insane mind comes
Grotesque visions of a rotting Christ
And now I see all the false prayers

I'm choking with my own blood
And I see my guts on the floor
Suppurating vile viscous liquid
I'm decomposed, they will be too

The fear of desolation
It's filling your body
You know you're alone
And the smell of rot is here

Now you see his deformed face
Feel your brutal death
All your innards in his mouth
A disgusting feast with your gore

He's ripping the mass of organs
Bestial devouring of your limbs
Zombie laughs as you scream
How the dead can awake?

And as I torture this carcass
My mind starts to think, why am I undead?
But if Jesus rise from the dead
Maybe he was a cannibal zombie like me

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