Life Immortal

Meanningless life before death, with your sensuality everyday we sailed.Have
you ever felt my end, can you stop for fight inside, are you living for
nothing, can you stop the lying man inside?Everyday is lost for anything to
get, everything is called for us in death, always something we tried to get
and always wanted to be something we are rot..Something we had has gone.
Inside but something we have immortal behind.Rathless minds affected by
sadistic rules; safty is lost, falsety is lust.Infurlated hybrophobics, know
your end, remember your inprisonation implicitly.Your claustrophobic
miserable souls fly illogically, imbectily, immortally in an immensive
vacansy.Ethically sad but drawned with a pad; blinded blotted by a bloody
qualm.Radical tormentors are tremulous in life, treason to your country,
transfix your people. You'll be vanquished at the end.Your yearned end is
submission to us subconscously you are succumbed.Suicide!..

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