well the sixteen years
that we was allowed
the bottom gave the bottom fell out
you were there with your head real low
if you got hurt it never really showed
well i guess a father comes to terms
when he pauses and returns

it's been a slow year
on the heartbreak shift
you come to love the ride
but you loathe the lift
the past is gone
and you're hard on its heels
your knuckles white
from your grasp upon the wheel
and not one moment you deter
from the quiet you prefer

i used to don my coat and let some people in
but i shy away from the good it brings
i beat it good i soon got tired
i said i would and i never was a liar
and so your dreams are lulled with sleep
like the company you keep

i close my eyes and you are wide awake
oh the things we do 'cause of debts unpaid
i'm keeping time by your faithful sigh
tomorrow sunday never satisfies
well i guess we're water to the sea
i can draw your face from memory
i guess we're water to the sea

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