I can't wait 'til tomorrow
To be no one anymore
I can say new words
To stay once again with you

Wasted time for another answers
Fallen tears from ice eyes
You're far away, far away
Far away from shaking hands
Far away, far away
You're far away from my leather heart

Sadness burning in my shadows
I can face to find an answers
Oldest nights to remember
To reach my strength to be a new one

I await you smile
And lost in time
Watching you and me wasting my time
Into my miracles
A mystic horizon
Wasting my time in a miracle
I've never surrendered

Why do you stand?
(Why do you stand?)
Through your life again
(Tomorrow will be again)
Oh, can't you see? Why do you run alone?
(I can be with you now)
When you fall, I take care of you to stay

Now, all I can do to my life
Is pass through your hands
I don't want remain alone
Oh can you see?
Why you must run alone?
(I can be with you now)
When you fall, I'll take care of you too

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