I'm caught by different fronts
Forced between distant cultures
I've to face the world from above
Lost and afraid in a new order
Crazy and tough realities
However, for me so far away
I've just to survive
Find new ways these days
Ignore my light and freedom every day
Looking at old madness, and through mirrors
Man tries to find and reach from himself
His crimson horizon

Waiting for a new time, to reach my old words
I try to believe that my soul will be sane
Wasting this mad time, escape from my new words
I have to believe, that my soul is insane

Ready for a new dawn
Impossible to try to believe it
Reaching our lost lights through mirrors
Forgetting our fears
Walking proud in a new deal
Together, me and you, day by day
I've just to survive - find new ways these days
I'm looking for my light and freedom in this way
Building our future, our life
I wait for you to cross this river

Wasted time behind our present
Ready for a new dawn together
Darkest times fading away
Caught trough our united hands will be forever

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