Jesus: my time is gone, it's the lest time
You can eat end drink with me
One of you will betray me
His name will be erased from this world

Judas: jesus, what do you say?
Not one of us let you die!
Jesus, what do you think - perhaps i will do this?

Jesus: judas, you say it

Caifa: die - this jesus has got to die
Our people hear what he says
He moves up his crown against the roman power
We don't need another messiah
We don't need another prophet

Jesus: discciples, eat this bread - it is my body
Disciples, drink this wine - it is my blood
Every time you will be made to...
This remember of my words
Every time you will remember me
Make this rite in my name

Maddalena: every sign, jesus christ
Since you are here, take a sense
Your word is a benediction of the sky
In your eyes, jesus christ
I can see the light of eternal life
I've found my place
And now i want stay with you
I'll follow you in every trouble
I'll give you all my life
I believe that your love will save the world

Jesus: i'm alone, everyone sleeps
In the garden of gethsemane
Father, i pray you to take away
This poison from me - don't let me die
But don't make my will, but yours
Judas, you betrayed me with a kiss

Caifa: now your life jesus, is in my hands
Look, my guard is coming for you
That's the end of your crazy dream
And your sick live
We don't need another messiah!
We don't need another prophet!

Judas: no! bless me jesus!
I didn't want this! bless me!

Erode: miracle man
I've been waiting for you
People talk of you
As the king of the jews
Show me your power
Help to chase away
The romans from my land
And i will make you
A rich man
It's time for jesus christ to be a star
Why do you stare?
Why don't you reply?
Poor spiritual man
You won't agree to my supply
Keep out of sight
I've no time to wast with you
Call the roman guard
We have the king of the jews!
The bluff of jesus christ is out of time!

Pilato: welcome jesus
Yuor fame precedes you
Your life is my hands
I can destroy you
I know you are innocent
But i can't change your fate
Jesus, give me a reason
To save your life
A voice insideme says
To let you die

Crowd: crucify! crucify!
Save barabbas' life!
Crucify! crucify!
This jesus must die!
Barabba is the future
Agaist the roman power
Crucify! crucify!
Save barabbas' life!
Crucify! crucify!
This jesus must die!

Jesus is an honest man
His miracles have saved many men

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