After dark moments
After grey times
On my knees I'm not no more
I'll rise up anyway
I've found my surviving reasons
I've found my strenght
In the ones who lend me a hand

I am, I am back to life again
I'll, I'll see the light again
I've, I've found myself inside who's close to me
I, I was lost in the darkness of death

My spirit regains force inside me
Free from anguish and anxiety
Ready to fly once more beneath my dreams
They're not lying on the ground anymore

I'm back, back to life
Between plans and passions
I'm standing up straight
Ready to face what will come
My fear's melt away
But not my memories
That I manage and bear
With renewed strenght and conciousness.
I'm back to life between plans and passions
I'm ready to face my life with the courage
I need to overcome every test that I will meet

Now my fears disappear, but not my memories that
I preserve with new strenght and conciousness
Can't you see me from heaven?
I don't want to draw me back,
because everything will depend on me

I will chase the darkness in my life
It will not scare me no more
I won't ever fall down in that pit
I'm ready to face what will come
I know all of this someway
This will depend on me

I am back to life again
I am back to life forever

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