Many dreams and faces burn
In my mind, across my heart
They sometimes shine on my eyes
Then sometimes my image shade
Walking day by day
The shadow and the stars
Feeling heavy troubles, bright lips and
Spread heart

Reign of time
Looking at all the dreams through my own
Waiting lost memories, take me to my past
Turning across the river of my bird
Looking at lost memories, shining like a sun

And the shadows should be leaving me now
And the shadows burning by my side
Waiting for my time
You have to leave tonight
Waiting for, waiting for the new dawn
Waiting for tonight - reaching for new life

Shadows burning in any matters
Steal your time and your future
You can face it with all your strength
Hold on your hands, and your life

This moment you'll be fading away
In a life so far from here, and i will pray for
A dream without fear
You cannot bring my life forever
I have to change this l.ife
And find out new strength and love
Peel my hands ready now
Feel my body carry on, no more 'fears in my face
Now my life is my race
No more things about wastelands«
No more tears about wasted love
Ready now, to carry on

Waste my time for another dreamland
Waste my time for another place to go
Peeling to my own, waiting for her to go
I'm looking to my life, waiting for a new life...

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