There are situations that you can't explain
So you find in the Silence
All answers in your brain
There are men born to be kings
And others to be slaves
You are the Second King
Your brother took your throne

Nowhere is my kingdom
I live in your magic tales
I'm the down that every days dies
When the sun goes on
I'm just a spell, or a crazy dream
I'll give you a smile and I can die

Forget my name, forget my face
But still you remember
My ancient tales
Remember me as child
Remember me as mad
But before you sleep
Send me a kiss

There will be a new world if we'd search
It's though this land is of our family
This night I will scape, and I will come to you
The forest will be our hiding place and our home

Now I have a kingdom
I live in your heart
Everything can be real
If you belive in it
I will fight, I will die
To see this light in your eyes

Remember my name
Remember my face
Now we can imagine new, Happy tales
Forget me as child
Forget me as mad
Now I'm a warrior
This is my Land

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