I've never seen your eyes
So glad, so tired, so dry
I've never realized
If you are still walking, or running
I'm so puzzled that
I feel no more my thoughts
Again into the fog
I cannot find my future

Don't brake your words, never told
So don't leave me alone, like a stone
Don't lose my thought, my overflow
And don't think we're leaving, underworld

I recognize my feelings
And now I can see you breathing
I can't forget the past
I can't forget the present
I think that is the way
To grow up through my mind
For fixing all the time
And don't come back to overflow

I'm finding a way to discover my secret soul
Now I'm seeing your closed eyes
Which is the stone you jail?

It's you, no more the man, I'm in love
Because in your new life, there is no more
Room for you and me

Why? Why? You don't know me
Now I am a new man
Die! Die! All old fears
You! You! You can trust me
Why? Why? You don't know me
No I am a new man
Die! Die! All old fears
You, me, come together

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