Through Different Eyes

Ivory Moon

Oppressed and silent, you cry in your mind
And watching tomorrow, with too many eyes
Outside of your trouble, you bright like a sun.
Why you cannot want to know,
That you're like a normal girl?
Can you feel what i can say?
Can you feel my love?

Lonely days you cannot arise
In your faithful hands, the tears fall down
Lonely days, in a lonely heart
In your faithful hands, the tears fall down

I'll need your hand in everyday
Stay beside me - don't be afraid
I've to open your blinded eyes
So that you watch your real state

Grown in my head, a terrible rage
You fade in the darkness with all your dreams
And open your hand and try to believe
That you came back to life

Dominate, dominate,
Leave my dark emotions now!
In the night, one more time
Feel my strength grown again!
In my new image of life
I feel you walking beside me
And smile, feel the strange game of life

Walking the line of our fears
You can see me ride a new day
You can see me smile and pray
Walking feeling bum tonight
Riding our magic lights
I can feel your sacrifice

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