I am dead - killed by my greed
Damned to sail - until the end of time
My heart is rotted in my chest
But my soul is chained to this world

The grim reaper doesn't give me the grave
My vision terrorises every mortal man
In every port my ship appears, my name is - death

This hunger won't leave me alone
No water can quench my throat
I braved God and the elements
Carrying on my ship out of the world's edge

The eye of God watched my sins
His great & scaring hand covered the sea
On my fellows the shadow has fallen - I saw the death

Destiny - you took me here and
You made me a rich and famous man
Destiny - you gave me all this world
But now you place me in the hands of my fate

This night, I will come to take your life
My legend will be told for all time
You will taste a terrible fear
Wait, for now is coming my storm

I'm the darkness - I'm the light - I'm your last guide
I seem like a woman, darker than the night
I am here to take your life
Don't worry, you can't change your doom
I know when your hour will come
It's only my work, you are one among all
Follow me - discover what will come

Run away! Don't turn your head
But where you go, I'll be there before
Let me take your fearing heart
You can't change your fate
Say your sins at once
To not burn in eternal flame
Listen to my final word
I'll damn you to sail forever

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