Darl tales of middle ages, scent blood and hate; injustices with theft.
Voices from torture dungeon, guardians with black mask, irontongs on fire.
Diabolical looks of tormentors, fearness dreams of imprisoners.
Pain and agony, killers of shouts, suffocaters of cries, satisfy shouting revenge dungeon.
Servitude abases the human conscience, confiscates the conniving slaves.
Aggrogance of carcass remains show their anger with a strong congeal.
Taste the cold but ardent carver can easily chop you in two in a minute then easily be commemorated.
Bowling girl, increases his appetitle, amorphous vagina caused by pulverizing,
Became turbid with her breasts then klitoris consequently.
Chewing her soft klito, feeling her hot capillary vessels.
Toilsome torture goes on and the last and the worst mistake she has ever done,
Misfortunate of others, agonizing bodies of minority.
Maltreat of the mankind, first push the tongue into the maidens pussy then bite hardly with a gorment.
Listen her last cries as a hymn
As a satisfactory orgasm makes it wargasm consequently on your mind,
Then leaves you with an unbearable sophisticated apoplexy.

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