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Pass The Honey

Poetic Ammo

*Yogi B*
Bounce baby bounce baby bounce baby, ah baby bounce

Chorus *Yogi B* *Atilia* 2x
Pass the honeys upon the left hand side
Pass the honeys upon the left hand side
It a gonna burn, give me the music make me jump and prance
It a go done, give me the music make me rock in the dance

Ay, pass them honeys 'pon them left hand side
Still laid up in the back seat crusin' down the ride
Checkin' them honeys that be uh, uh bona fide
Yo, In them skimpy tight dresses cryin' homicide
She sexy like Halle Berry I pops that cherry
Transparent see through like my iMac Blueberry
Scandalous body measurements that be fabulous
In the club wiggling her pom pom she rebellious
Now who be the player with the most style
Check my profile whose number she gonna dial?
So peep the honey I'm about to pass
She so hot she bomb like Jennifer Lopez


Honeys be relatin' with their persona
With their high heels taller wearin' their Donna Karen
I'm gonna be starin' their sexy dress
Getting obsessed despite the mess gotta relax
It's Friday night chickas be heading to the clubs
I'm on the sight with playa clothes with all my love
Outstanding honeys shakin' their booties in the crowd
I'm dancin' commencin' lookin' for romancin'
No matter the place no matter the race let's embrace
While we dance and bounce face to face
So son I pass em to the left hand side
I'll be chillin' with my JD Coke hopin' to get a ride


Break 1 *Atilia*
Me say listen to the music, me say listen to the bass
Give me little music let me wind up me waist
Rock in the dance, give me little music make me jump and prance

As I ponder, out of sight out of mind I wonder
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder
But what is this my mind flippin', do you believe in
Beauty unimaginable now am I dreamin?
She smells good, smilin' eyes, wonder if I should
Request for her number and get it if I could
Totally controlled by the powers that be
Baby girl you be the one that be controllin' me
As I steal the shine on this instrumental
Poetic Ammo, on stage my claims for honeys be potential


*Yogi B*
Now you see all my peeps and the other heads they understand
When I tell em to pass the honeys to the left hand
Oh check it out another time here she goes again
For your love I don't wanna wait in vain
How'd ya explain this furious sassy lovely creature
Wild like a discovery feature
I see you swang swang wiggle wiggle shakin' that thang
Be my bomb girl and we'll start another big bang
Bouncin' like flubber skin tight like rubber
You just want to touch her hold her down and straight love her
When baby you be so breathless I be like
Winnie the Pooh with my hand in your sweetness

Chorus 2x (Break 1) -till fade-

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