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All About The Hook-Up

Poetic Ammo

Break 1 *Yogi B* 4x
Uh uh, it's all 'bout the hook up
Whut, whut now you know what's up

Whose got the hook up honeys coming around and their booties beshook up
You oughta look up and watch the situation cook up
The party's just gettin' started and the underground is thefoundation
To never be disregarded seeing it's where we started flowin' withno book up
It's the underground graduate Reef sayin' who's got the hook up
Come on come on yo who's got the hook up Reefa Ammo yo we got thehook up

*Yogi B*
I see them chickas in your face sippin' margarita
Hit me off, let me now peel her like a sticka
Rub it down, I taste u buttercup
Pucker up, I got you now on my hook up

Chorus *Ronin*
Baby on the real tip cos you know that's how I feel this
Let it flow don't you know
If you feel it may we boogie tonight (boogie on the round tip,boogie on the down lip)
Cos you know I'll be with you (boogie on the round tip, boogie onthe down lip)
Down on the real tip (boogie on the round tip, boogie boogieboogie tip)

(My flows, get kudos at the shows)
(Bag *chicken sound* from Backroom to Modestos)
My modes is closed but I'm still getting connections
While you gettin' yours reset, I'm rubbing on your chicks midsection
(Speaking of the middle) I'm travelling in between peaks
(Getting something) treasure hunting (searchin' for hiddentreats)
I got all the stuff she wants that's all the stuff that u lack
(Across the floor we connect) making eye contact
(In 30 seconds flat) we started to chit chat
(You say you got a man) so why you look at me like that?


I got the spotlight (playa lifestyle we be outright)
(True to the form) deep down from the inside
(You're such a vivrant thang) fly girl you think you're sophat?
(Who dat? Drivin' fast cars cos we're all dat)
(Meet the fam like Pacino I'm the Don)
(Congregate at the club flossin' Dom Perignon)
I've been always friendly but you still call me stuck up
(D' Alliance, Chakrasonic) Mad Stacz we've got the hook up

Keepin' it real, if you know how I feel
May we boogie tonight, till the break of dawn


Baby if you get with this then I can fix
All your lovin' baby, all night long
Boogie on the round tip, boogie on the down lip
It's all right ...

So now we treacherous, collaborative emcees droppin' gems
We mad hook ups, opposin' forces coughin' phlegms
Playalistic club bangers,
We honey dippin' butterscotch caramel shorty cakes sweetslangers

Keep it real now like how Alliance on the get down
I got the hook up, look up keepin' on the look out
Got you on the run how you wanna front
Tell me what you want and I'll give it to you

I'm on the round tip ridin' low it's all about the down lip
Honeys flip lock lip hooked on the fake clip
Kissin' on your dough now chickas are all alike
Cheatin' on their love while lookin' for Mr Right

Break 2 *Ronin* 2x
Tonight, tonight, tonight (It's all about tonight)
Tonight, tonight, it's alright (Make it alright)
Tonight, tonight, it's alright (You know is tonight)
Tonight, it's alright (Down on the real tip)
Break 1 2x

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