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Father Be With Us

Poetic Ammo

It's hard to start knowing you have gone already
I'm sorry daddy coz there will never be
A chance for me to apologise for your agony
And no words could define what you mean to me
What you have gone through for your eldest son
As father and mentor never been there when you want me
Need me and all of that beautiful memories just you and me
I could never replace my 25 wonderful years
All of that good times we had on the field but tears
Flow on daddy your not here to go on daddy
It's my turn to take responsibility
For sister V and brother C and my mother
It wouldn't be the same oh father
How different we are identical no matter
Like father like son you're my creator

Chorus (*Pot* & *Taj*)
Father be with us
Stay oh Father stay with us

Repeat 2*

Left over a mark of indelible compassion
That was passed down from my father
As I wonder why life so fair to others
The day you left plays in my mind like a recorder
Had to be for me to see
It felt like you went away for a long journey
Why did you bring me up in such fashion
Probably to teach me a lesson
Let the truth be told why my heart feels so cold
Without you to warm it up and for you to hold
A lot of people came when they heard that you were gone
To pay their respects and to show that you were known
As a good man who took care of his own
But now I know you felt all alone
I wish I can turn back time and show I care
I love you my dear father thanks for being there


You will always be alive instead in my heart
To tackle and handle life we'll never depart
May you rest in peace coz you've suffered enough
You're my teacher and my guru everything all out
I look like you I will be the same
Balakrishnan I will carry your name
Your hard work just to find a bowl of rice
Nothing compares to you there's no price
This I promise I will take care tha family
Your job is done now it's my turn to be
The man of tha house you need no worry
I love you father please stay with me
God took you away it's for our good
I know you're smiling now I know you would
How different we are identical no matter
Like father like son you're my creator


Repeat 2 *

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