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Somebody's Watching

Poetic Ammo

Chorus *Ferhad*
I always feel like somebody's watching me
Can't get no privacy
I always feel like somebody's watching me
Tell me is this just a dream

Who dat? Who dat?
Spectator, watchin' me as the innovator
Fans holler return of the rhyme professor
High profiler AIM winner
Trend settin' pioneer blastin' through your speaker
No one knows what I feel cos you're not who I am
Mysterious like the Gambino fam
To compensate you see me I maintain
To please everyone who wants the same fame
Aeiyo aeiyo switch on video now play on play on I'm on theradio
Gettin famous makin' more dough than Amos
Emcees rockin' the stage real entertainers


Is it real that I feel what I feel
What's the deal the eyes surround me but I still
Can't get accustomed to the spotlight
Uncomfortable target of all eyesight
Somebody's watching my every move
Can't be myself or do what I choose
Public figure
A lifestyle I can't still figure
Sportin' Tommy Hillfiger competitors think they bigger
Excess glamour equals envy cats see my face daily on the telly
So uh, heck with that privacy invasion
Gainin' high status just adds more confusion


Break *Ferhad*
Feel like watching me, feel like watching

*Yogi B*
I know you really wanna see me, drop the beatbox
Show the kids how to bring the party to rock
Coz you know I've been livin' the hard knocks
Now my fans comin' up in flocks
Transformin' for your eyes just like autobots
Electrifying the grooves I be the gigawatts
*Yogi B*
You see me now on ya TV box
My video clips bringin shock, shock, shocks!
Some of ya'll watch with love some of ya'll envy
But remember I can see you watchin me, Come!
Big or small I pass em all
Now everyone everywhere wanna see you fall
My privacy somebody's watching me
Like the jealousy, there's no stoppin' me
Everyday yo, like Harry Belafonte
Still makin' the cream with my forte


Break 1 *Yogi B* 2x
Get down down down, come on baby just bounce bounce bounce
Everybody get down down down, come one baby tell me tell me canyou feel it ?

Break 2 *Ferhad* 2x
I always feel like somebody's watching me
Baby can't you see, won't you dance with me
I feel like you're watching me, just a dream

Break 3 *Yogi B* - repeat till fade-
I bet you really wanna dance with me
I can see you girl & your friends watchin me. Come on now!
Don't you get me on my bended knees
Baby girl if it feels right just let it be now

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