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There's No Stoppin' Us

Poetic Ammo

*Adibah Noor*
There's no stoppin' us because we rock

*Yogi B*
I remember the time when I first heard hip-hop
Beat & bass just made my head bop
All of a sudden the unlock ******** the beatbox!
People were like whut-whut? who dat, who dat!?
On one sunny day in Central Market
I was the #1 man, damn the only one
Back then it was all'bout the fun
Not the competition or the dissin
Ya new school fools don't what you're missin
I can feel it in my heart & soul
You can't deny me the right to hold my ground for this sound
Coz hey! I've come a long way
So ya'll better listen up to what I say coz!...

Chorus *Adibah Noor*
There's no stoppin' us
There's no stoppin us because we rock (take it back, take itback)
No one does it better (take it back, take it back)
Ammo's gonna show you how we
There's no stoppin' us (No stoppin')
There's no stoppin us because we rock (take it back, take itback)
Really doesn't matter (take it back, take it back)

Break 1 *Yogi B*
Take it back from the old to the new school
It's the same game that we play with the new rules
Take it back from the old to the new school
It's the same game that we play

There ain't no stoppin' us
You disagree you be blasphemous
My return prophesised it's miraculous
Still we rock, makin' heads bob
My b-boys resurrecting the body pop
But now it's about cheddar to live longer
From puffy to buffy like Sarah Michelle Gellar
Or Joe Pesci, I'm still a goodfella
Makin' hit records like the label Roc-a-Fella
Whut? We're goin' retro with this cut
Keep your eyes wide shut
Anticipated whack emcees constipated
Damn! we undisputed

Break 2 *Adibah Noor*
We have waited far too long for this moment to arrive


I ain't stoppin' cos I be dreamin' to be a star
Sky's the limit payin' the price the life I'm in it
Who be rockin' down put fake emcees on the ground
Doin' it goin' it against bounds
Unanimous status emcees rockin' the stage now tell me
Who's the greatest like padi fields harvest my flow
Substantial amount of dough when I rock the show
Just like The Rock body slammin' pile driver rammin'
Put you in a state of shock
Like North Vietnam I bomb you to flee
Landslyde's the name there's no stoppin me


Break 1

Who be the player, no stoppin', the time has come
Virtual devotion to my music, I'm not done
Why you act dumb? Mentally unworthy,
Super duper fishy, now you wanna be me?
Alias Hellstar, shinin' in your eyes
My bald head gleamin', suffer the cut ties
And mostly I put in the hard work
When karma comes back I won't be hurt
Now I see the world in a tinted view
There's no limit to what I can do
Which is why I safeguard my treasure
The fans want more, it's our pleasure

Break 2
Break 1
Chorus -till fade-

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