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Real For The World

Poetic Ammo

Check ! Mind over matter when it comes to money and shattered
Dreams mistake who should I blame
When people claim that I'm sell-out commercial best-buy product
Like a piece of material in the supermart
Now who said the sell-out can't be real
You're justifying the book by the cover and the contents
Are filled with true words and meaning unveiled revealed
The treasure talented hip hop from this side of this world
The taste for the thirst of lust is the curse for that
Stuff is the first it's a must for me it's the love
My capability with the capital C I believe
In what I do with my heart and soul I can achieve in this world
And I can hold to my words and my lyric you can't critic neithercan you predict
Or judge my style and flow and my status and my show
Sniper comin' now real for the world

Aha Over great land and seas
Hip hop comin from the Asian MC's
Real for the world I wear no mask
Represent yourself is that too much to ask ?

Religious scriptures late in night when I am readin'
Philosophical vortex spins vigorous on axis of meanin'
BAM ! Consciousness explodes I see
True vision of Hip Hop and the art of MC
Great saints , sages and prophets of ancient times
Did they not reveal the truth in mad holy rhymes
Find myself do I in this line of tradition
Ammunition Poetic Yogi B with a mission
Never ever have I for the sake of being fly
Faked my slang or hanged with gangs doin' drive by's
I greet with a smile no matter punk or mack
Recognise K.L. or I'll put your whole posse in check
Back to the front and front and back feel this
Malaysian MC livin' in realness
When the mic is hurled Poetic Ammo comin' real for the world

Representin' hip hop on this side of the planet my homelandMalaysia
South East Asia risin' straight up in yer' face
The chinky eyed yellow skinned Asian brother
Rippin' mics like no other in the industry
Whack MC's shudder humble beginnings
Reflecting back at how I started dedicated
My whole life be devoted to hip hop never stopped
Pursuing my lifelong dream to sign a deal
And to earn some profitable cream
Four years have since passed and I'm still true to the game
Seekin' my fame but all the shit remains the same
Constantly loungin' in the mamak sippin' some hot tea
Means of transportation still the Intrakota and LRT
Never frontin' but be mad representin'
Lyrical poets on a verge of manifestin'
Craftin' barrier breakin' commercial defyin'
Hip hop musical artforms Poetic Ammo be multiplyin'


We've got the talent to produce and create
Loyal to the fanbase believe in the faith
Of entertainment It's a massive understatement
You gotta live the life and give full commitment
And honesty to my ally and enemy
I am who I am not who I'm supposed to be
My inspiration my struggles for hip hop nation
Straight to the point blank information
Comin' real for the world to keep hip hop alive
When money took over the music just died
Your mistake as you fake and you take
Your ill-gotten gains down the drains as you break
Shay C.Loco Wizard Hellfire
Aliases now I wanna know who's my competitor
Funky urban style from Malaysia's capital
Kuala Lumpur is the westside central


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