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Everything Changes

Poetic Ammo

Watcha gonna do when it's too late
(You go for fame but the streets speak my name)
Oh Watcha gonna do when it's too late
(Forgettin' your roots will bring you shame)
Oh Watcha gonna do
(Take it from the MC's)
Tell me watcha gonna do
(Cause we've been through the pain)
Ah Watcha gonna do when it's too late
(We will survive look into our eyes can you see the flame)

I remember the times in the days of way back
Young mack Mr Point Blanc lay down the facts
Recollections memories unfold days of the old
I hold precious like 24 carat gold
Visions of my life back in a time of backpackin'
Struggling empty pockets pipe water I be guzzlin'
Thirst from burning sun blazin' down the earth
Ipoh City the land where my hip hop gave birth
Let me tell you a true story my true story
From the kampung to city unbelievable glory
I sat down in solitude and wrote rhymes everyday
I dreamed I would be a great rapper somehow someway
So I journey on up and down every record label in town
$ 1.20 for the mini bus but mostly I walked around
Took all the rap competitions shared my skills wit so many
Major labels won't sign me up but Hip Hop ain't about money


The present situation back in '97
Lifestyles hectic circumstances be critical
Intense pressure drivin' my mental maniacal
Craftin' an album on a level that be radical
Still I remain the mack as I was way back
True to the fact that hip hop's my greatest asset
It's human nature we survive when all other fails
Try to make a living when fools tellin' tall tales
Undeniable rap skills made viable
It's not impossible high standards are attainable
Without doubt when we're two steps ahead
Indirectly cause a revolution in the industry
Totally incur phenomenal popularity
With mad respect and hold street credibility
The Ammo be Poetic give props to our name
I still be the same Mad Wizard in tha game


Now let me put into a line the story history of
Landslyde Def Rhyme which started a long time
Ago as an innocent young brat who loved
Hip hop glad that I did now no one is gonna
Stop me even though there are gonna be hard
Times and good times I see as if I've never
Gone through this pain and misery no matter
What changes my devotion I will be the same
And my emotion and my name
The Black Chinaman seeking no fame no
Temptation bootie calls nor Asian dolls
Hey Siew Koon ! It's time I've learned my lesson
No way no more of this stress of this foolishness
Appreciate my kindness baby
Destiny comes in the sound of Positive Tone
With three other MC's now Yogi B not alone
You fear my talent although you I never dissed
Now it's my turn superstar but just answer me this
Don't try you know you'll miss

Chorus * 2

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