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exibições de letras 236

Stop Rushing Me

Poetic Ammo

Chorus *Fumi* 2x
Stop rushin' me, (What you want right now?)
Rushin' me let me finish talkin' (What you want right now?, Whatyou want right now?)

Calibrated souls somebody tell me where my foes
My nemesis list expandin' ten folds
3-6-5 under pressure pschycopatic torture
'Bouts to make my head fracture
Damn, professional certified madman
What? I guess you can never understand
Son, why my life's like that?
Sociopath paranoia that's my life threat
Fatal error lust infested terror
Everybody take cover, defensive measure
Better watch your back before this cerebral crack
Hey, lay that smack down what the heck

I don't want no hassle, no fuss, now I gotta blast through
Let me go professional, free my chains too
I gotta lotta things on my mind
I gotta lotta to settle but I got no time

Chorus 2x

Nobody knows nobody understands me
How can I lose my grasp of reality
Why in the world won't these brothers leave me be
I do try but they still keep rushin me
I need stacks and facts I'm on the counterattack
Say what jack cos it's time for the payback
I ain't the one lookin' out for a vendetta
I'm just livin' my life la cosa nostra

What do I choose when I have to do so many
Situation tensed up but you seem to think it's funny
Come on just give me space and privacy
I don't rush you so just stop rushin me

Chorus 2x

Break *Fumi*
You make me so indifferent
(Take it all down so you know that I'm around push your face innow straight to the ground)
You make things come between us
(Push your face in, push your face in, push your face)

This is the smack down Landslyde's comin' raw with this tracknow
Don't rush me I'm involved rich choice hard boil tear u up hardcoil
So don't you play with me that gesture I work better underpressure
So I floss if I have to I 'll be the boss if I got to
That's right splash while I drive flash while I strive
Closer as I reach for the sky exposure
Rushin' into my eyes as I told ya who be victimised
Show me the money I'll be satisfied.

Chorus 4x

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