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Evil's Of Man

Poetic Ammo

Come with me to the higher grounds my friend
And see the evils of man
And if you don't like what you see my friend
Then let me explain
The mind and the money really don't mix in
Now do you understand
Come with me to the higher grounds my friend

Illusions delusions makin' me insane
I feel the pain the boogie man can't be slain
Watch out the heart soul and mind
Destroy mankind with the evil I can't find
(Death becomes you the devil takes over)
Vicious thoughts in your head now you wanna kill another
For money or power I'll die in an hour
A killa I shot a man dead I'm a sinner

Come enter the mental chambers of a psychopathic killa
Tormented sinner on a verge of self-destruction mankind onmalfunction
Manifesting inculcating unholy brainwaves depicting faces of pureevilness
God bless mankind be put to the test
Temptations of darkness consumes society into a hell-likereality
Eternal damnation see the future in apocalyptic dimensions


Hell raiser face the life's full of a maze
Hesitate you make a wrong move psychological error
Terror evil stronger and darker
Throughout the journey of life but I'm not ya preacher
Teacher the Devil's own creature
Killin' one another brother blaming each other
(Corruption of the mind killing and destruction
Victimised by mental chain reaction)
Lust and greed wrath and pride
Six hundred more to go it's time for you to ride
Step inside in the real world and find
The good force within you before it's time

Enter my mind see the depths of my soul
Discover the cold-blooded corrupted perverted fiend
Of every single man (Damn) You will never understand
Insanity in the realms of the damned

Violence in silence and aforethought malice
Come and meet my master in the damn palace
The devil himself with the evil in his eyes
Come to claim your soul and hear your dying cries

As I sent terror visions straight from my division
Expressin' cynical views with words of my aggression
I forgot to mention you'll be dead in 5 seconds
I'm the evil in all men with you soul in my hands
Come dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
I'll take over your whole world straight without a fight
Fell my might as you take a step into my fortress
I create stress in your mind as I do this

Twin darkness flipsided unabided
Conscious mortals don't fight it
Uninvited strangers in the chamber of thought
Warlocks and witches psychological onslaught
Don't take off your armour
Or become one will you in my drama
Mistake me do not for the dark entity y'all
Killer of killer slain devils with the righteous claw
Like young Jedi knights who succumb to the Empire
Embrace the good force fight fire with fire
But persist if you must in your merciless ways
Then I welcome you to my.... terror domain


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