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Kuala Lumpur

Poetic Ammo

Kuala Lumpur Y'all MC's better know
Kuala Lumpur Capital city on tha go
Kuala Lumpur You gotta get with tha flow
Poetic Ammunition comin real for tha world

Skyscrapers towerin' the masses gatherin' in a city
Of limitless chances and wealth sense shattering
Development materialistic inhabitants
Stressful in their lifestyles
Migrants emergin' from miles apart
Depart from their birthplace to metropolitan KL
Infamous capital where I dwell

There's no barrier battleship carrier the interior
Architechtured engineered with lyrical material
Command like a mystical criteria
Jedi masters syndicate of complete imperial
I the Sniper given the strength and authority
Kuala Lumpur central unit capital city


It's like I never felt alone in the heart of the city
Big metroplis thousands of people just all around me
Immense variation multi-cultures on show
Now you know in the city of Kuala Lumpur
Glad to be the home of the world's tallest building
Petronas Tower working in the city of kings
With zombie-like daytime determined city dwellers
Earnin' a livin' only the strong are survivors
The day turns to night as the nightlife emerges
We all come alive and become nocturnal creatures
In the concrete jungle of Human's creation
Malaysian fron the Major Earth Division

Let me bring journey to MC's overseas livin' the Hip Hop creed
Heads up ! Now player heed !
Bounce to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia South East Asian sector
Stupendous culture fusion architecture
Faces of many races in places peacefully mingle
Hardworkin' people of the golden triangle
In sandles I rendevous with homeboys in the stalls
Play the cool drama but keep targets on movin' dolls
Layback just like that yeah lifestyle so easy
But when hell breaks loose in K.L. its time to get busy


Lot Ten Yellow Dagger vision scan as I descend
From the Intrakota that departed Bus Stand Klang
Settin' sights on the urban street corner
Drop dead killa booties B-52 Bomber
(Bomb ass bootie) Infra red dechiper
Metropolitan life be everyday drama

Armour in ancient tradition poems and poetry
Of the nation combined multi-racial with history
The prodigy multi-lingual triangle juristriction
Brings unity among races the ability
Secret ingredients of the nations unknown recipe
Movement of improvement to the city eventually


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