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Who Be The Player

Poetic Ammo

INTRO *Yogi B* *Rinna*
Bringing noise like thunder
Making MCs wonder
You thought I'd let you off easy
But I'm breaking you of, breaking you off tonight

Never ever have I sold out or played out
I blast to the fore Dead centre I enter
I've come back for more Dangerous I am
If you try to correct me
Now the tables are turned and I am the entity
Confusion, I bring deception to steal souls
I have the industry eating out of my bowl
Behold, if you thought I'd let you off the hook
A real deal player never goes by the book
You thought you all that but you're coming up zero
No style in your rhyme but you claim you're a hero
No, (you better say your prayer)
Poetic Ammo Alliance Now who be the player

Competition is over cos you heard what Ammo dropped
You gotta be crazy if you think that you're on top, no
It ain't about the gang or how you hustle for the dough
So don't you try so hard to be what you're not
You better get down to the ground

*Point Blanc*
Manifestations, metaphorical parables scatter like fallenrebels
Murderous verbal we hip hop untouchables
Unstoppable rainstorming lyrical brimstones accelerating yourtestosterones
The player, benovalent imposter slayer, unarmed soldier
Scripture spitting divine massenger
Who that enemy with the crooked third eye?
Defy I, thou shalt die
Destiny brings forth the armies of hip hop facing the finalbattle
Verbal armegeddon War torn battlefields engulf the realms
War cry alarms, avatar stormbringer of deadly rhymes

(Who be the player)

*Land Slyde*
I shall commence circumstance intense pressure
To the horizon limit of mental perception
Rhyme and soul in divine
Collaboration control who am I to unfold
The untold level
In the castle riding the saddle
Hassle for the gold medal Battle
Fasten your seat belt essential delf
Landslyde invisible stealth super blackbelt
Immortal featherweight box combat sports
Double back swing uppercut make you drop
Stamina underlines hypnotize
My verbal pow!
Mesmerize telekinetik lethal style


I'm bringing noise like thunder

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