Woman of god (repeat 4x)

You laying hands up on a brother it ain't even bout sex
The way you intercede for me putting the bless to my chest
And i'm so impressed because the light inside you shine brightly
And when it comes to praising god shorty just do it like nike
I ain't swole so she know jehovah got her protection
She the type that help my walk especially when i need correction
Showing affection when i got to rap it's no stressing
She supports my ministry and she will sow in a second
Ooh wee you see what mommy was wearing
Her whole body is in the full armor of god so i'm staring
"q" i'm declaring that when we meet frienship's a must
Beautiful and this is not a spirit of lust
Don't even think i saw a girl like you i can't understand
You what i'm asking for but still i'm nervous with sweaty hands
Every mister needs a misses in this journey of life
You my queen spodi lady shorty my future wife


You're the only for me
I'll doing anything for you (english translation of the first two sentences) and this mami believe
Like a queen he should treat you
Anything lower he don't need you
And a compliment is what you should get everytime he sees you
Mrs. magnificent
Heaven sent
Women of god
You full of fire
And way to fine
For any old pick up line
So i'm gone be straight forward ain't got time to wait
See, this attraction
Ain't bout' passion
It's a spiritual thang
I cain't compare you to others cause' you ain't the same
You let folks know that you christian and you ain't ashamed
The lord blessed you with a body, but you ain't trying to show the world
Your taste in clothes
And how you role
Shows that you's a classy girl
I'm loven the way you smile and that look in your eye
I'm loven your whole style and i cannot lie


Come here ma you full of that word
Forget what they heard 31 proverbs
Written all over your face
I'm digging your taste
Can't you see your spirit is getting the best of me
Not about the way you look but it's your personality
Ministering to me by the way you carry yourself
Hmmm what's left
The way you speaking in tongues i'm loving it
The way you receiving it got me breathing it
I'm craving it the way you be speaking it
You living it

You can walk into a dark room and light up the whole place
And just a glance at your beauty puts a smile on my face
Hands raised
Given praise
And i know you don't care
Call me chingy cause' i love it when you do that right thurr
You understand that you're precious
Ain't sex-n for affection
Virtuous until marriage
Making no exceptions
Mami the lord made you mine & bestowed his favor on me
Truly a gift of god given in holy matrimony


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