Watch it when you painting pictures fill ears with spirits
So mine and yo peers can feel it
I'm bout to spit it so listen make sure your kids can hear it
Your kids can hear it your kids can hear it
Forget what you hollin' bout if you ain't hollin' bout christ
No discussin' when we bustin' it ain't gone be nothing nice
Call me joshua son of nun who smashed the five kings
50 cent, nelly, eminem,luda ,and jay-z
On the verge of shut-n-down cats that refuge to keep it real
And until the job gets done the sun will stand still
I'm tired of playin' games no more mr. nice guy
You a coward in you heart and i can see it in your eye
It's no coisidence that ja ain't rappin no more
Big pun's dead and left eye will never do another show
Some cats real confused and need to make up their mind
Either you christian or not
No since in liven a lie
I added up the cost before i got in the game
Headed straight to the top and bout to make a few changes
Re-enforced the forces as the battalion advance
Cause can't no demon in hell hinder what lord had planned
1st on my list to move some cats out
If you ever thought about quitting the time is about now
Don't make it harder on yourself cause its gone happen either way
Don't worry its ok cause we got folks to fill your space
If you wish to use opposition
Think twice about your decision
Some folks may think i'm trippin'
But this here is strictly business
Get mad if you want & frown all up in the face
But if you step incorrect you will get put in your place
Pack your bags and leave your keys cause your days are through
Put all accounts you own in my name cause them belong to me too
Me respect you mind you must ain't heard of my god
Spitkwik's blessed kid and serve the most high

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