I'm loud like a yellow shirt when it comes to giving thanks
Always gotta do it big like my name was tom hanks
Superdome kind of saint got a phat playbook
Leave evil spirits shook like my last name brooks
I'm a lift jesus higher than the st. louis arch
While i'm spitting mad flavors like a mouth of sweet tarts
Trying to have the beats bark with a thunderous sound
While i'm spreading good news bout the one with the crown
Holla, if you believe that you recieving your blessings
Holla, if you got joy and you got peace with no stressing
Holla, if you got faith and you ain't got to be guessing
Because you made it through the storms cause you know you been tested
Jesus christ number one i just want you to grasp it
If you can't remember gone and get jesus tatted
Before you before you sleep on craftmatics
Pray down on your knees and he will have you living lavish

Everybody in the balcony lift him up
Everybody in the pews gone and lift him up
Everybody in the choir lift him up
Everybody everywhere gone and lift him up

As i lift my hands gotta give praise to the lord as i dance
Thanking him for everything that he's done for a man
Gotta give glory to god as i stand
He'll never let you down and always do what he can
See what i'm saying lovin him in this land
And lovin him til i die thowing my hands up high
Whenever i was down he never left me alone
And all i had to do was get down on the phone
And tell you what was going on
I'm spittin it through this microphone
To let you know what god's doin in my bones
What god is doin in my bones
Cause jesus loves me i give him glory
He is my homie don't leave me lonely
Cause jesus showed me through all of my ways
And all of my days
I praise him all night
And praisin him right
The devils out of my sight
Cause i got that light cocked ready to fight


I'm a forever & ever praise your name
And for ever give thanks
For your amazing grace
You set me free
Put me on my feet
Lord you're the light to my path so that i can see
You heard my cry
Dried my eye
When i fell you pick me up and gave me one more try
You told me never give me up son never despair
You'll never leave nor forsake you'll always be there
So i will hold on
And i will stay strong
Till' your sweet chariot come forth to carry me home
Form dust you molded me
You made the birds and the bees
The rocks and the trees
From sea to shining sea
You lit the world up all in one day
Set the planets in place and told them to rotate
Lord i thank you for the blood washed no longer dirty
And i lift my hands to lord cause you alone are worthy


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