Picture king david c-walking shakin it up
Multiply it by three and what you picture is us
Pumpin' through tweeters and subs
Airplanes and utility trucks
In a way that is such/ it'll cause the rictor to bust
Souf land allstarzz you know how we do
Tore off that word and about to let loose
Full of that ghost so make some more room
Actin' a christian in this peace ain't got time to act a fool
Yep true yep yep true walsky walsky um yep true
Just let me sit a min. cause that num got me through
Rest and relaxa
Watch out i'm back bru
Ripen these tracks cause i'm washed in the blood
We been redeemed yeah
Yeah we ain't scared
Here to tell ya playa
Washed in the blood

Here we go here we go here we go
From the floor to the radio
We keep em noddin speakers we keep em poppin
Fellas pop-poppin collars while ladies vibin beside em

Shakin them souls like the harlem shake
Hot like a oven so when we rap those ears bake
I got love for my god cause god is my first aid
He add flavor to me like sugar add flavor to kool-aid
Quenching my thirst like his name was sprite
I'm like acid cause you know that i be spittin so nasty
Hold up i got more than sixty christians around me
Come confronting me and i'll show you what god has done for a g
Now what up to all my people that be reaching that target
Now shut up to all them people who be spittin that garbage
Be in that word like popeye eating that spinach
You don't want to see me after the fact because it's finished
Please shut your mouth because i'm from the dirt souf
And you will know what we about cause we full of that fire
Boy better back up off me cause i'm ready to ride


Fightin fire with that fire beats and lyric be blaze
Careful when you look at me the light is bright so get shades
Rotation and plays for days for the man with a "j"
Celebrate cause i'm make in his image and i like it that way
So hey, i'm a do my dance til i'm hunchbacked
Keep my path straight like starched up slacks
Let my words pierce numbers in your throwback
Make you do a one-eighty so you never go back
I'm saying i'm covered i don't have a sin bill
Soul glistens like your grill or your spinner sprewells
Times up what the deal change for you killed
Cats will have you breathing out your side like a fish gill
If your lips sealed, you speak nothing to existance
Confess with your mouth then call yourself a christian
But listen, you gotta believe it true
Go to the prayer closet do what you need to do


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