Heads up watch out it's bout to go down
Bout to go down bout to go down

Preachin old and new testaments
Never settle like sediments
Like a virus i'm spreading this lesson
I'm like a reverend
God is perfect like seven
Covered by blood i'm wet in this
Red in this and my readiness
Keep me balanced with steadiness
On a roll like a caddy
Flippin hearts like a patty
Praises up to my daddy
For bringing me out a valley
I was dark like a alley
Spirit was rather flabby
Now i'm crunk like a rally
Sun shining on me like cali
Saved and giving up praises
Cause i'm out of those phases
Stages when i was hatin
And fakin with no salvation
Almost got cooked like bacon
I was almost forsaken
And if i'm not mistaken
My spirit almost got taken
No debating no hoax
I'm witnessing til i croak
Evil spirits with rope
Can't hang with the holyghost
Third coast the south
Best to watch out
Street testaments it's bout to go down


Make room for them boys in the history books
I'm talkin' bout' chapter after chapter on how the industry shook
Exploding on headlines
Like 50 beafin' with ja
In a class of our own above biggy & pac
Yeah these boys and i like the 12 tribes combined
Blowin' trumpets on mt. zion
Roaring like the west nile
12 times amplified
Leavin' cats petrified
Boys full of that fire
In they bones like jeremiah
Called by the most high
Like obadiah & nehemiah
Zephaniah & zedikiah
Hagai & malachi
From out a remnant of my block a refuge from my hood
I got my past forgot boi and got out when i could
No longer liven life wild
Got a whole new lifestyle
A whole new life now
Role with a new crowd
Christian and ain't scared to put it down
Folks in the souf that ain't scared to get loud


Give me a nickel my father god is cold like popsickles
Bigger the better devil step i knock the juice out his pickle
One two three four five six to the seven
Bump the t to the jakes cause i'm goin to heaven
I'm number eleven scoring points straight for the team
All heads rise up cause i'm finna get me
Like mr.clean my father god will make you bling
Turn my page roll em up cause i'm a bible fiend
True soldier giving souls to my elohim
Souf land comin harder than you ever seen
I wreck those souls swing with my holy bows
They just don't know when we come we rip those flows
We knock down doors cause any demon snooze they lose
And if they try to come and get me knock em down with my shoes
Cause i'm a hard hitter sold out for jehovah
Man you better back up off me boy i thought i done told ya

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