Junior high 9th grade all he made was b pluses
On the regular but didn't think nothing of it
The quiet type never ever had to fight
Had a brain in his skull so he knew wrong and right
Took school real serious he was bout his cheddar
Told he would make 4o gs but he wanted better
The lust of the world had him fiening for the paper
For the money dummy wasn't scared to pull a caper
You see his boys didn't have a job so they robbed
Eventually he did it too cause he wanted to ball
They hit a lick with the heat now they on tv
Handcuffed getting hit with a felony
Doing 25 years bout to go insane
Knowing that he wouldn't be here if he would've changed
Couldn't fight couldn't sleep didn't have peace
2 weeks found dead hanging by a sheet, man

Slow your roll don't lose control of your life,
Your life, your life

She wakes up in the morning with her mind set for the day
Stuck in a vicious cycle and can't seem to break away
Blinded by this man made substance and can't seem to see change
Playing russian roulette with a glass pistol aimed straight for her brain
C-co and a little dough
Is all she lives for
Cash flow a little low
And she ain't bout to go broke
On a mission to make back money that she ain't really got
Strugglin' to take care of her kids plus addicted to them rocks
The story never started here, but this is where the story stops
Preacher daughter, daddy was a preacher believe it or not
Doing what ever to be part of the in crowd
The preacher daughter got turned out
The first time she fooled around
Missed her monthly cycle now so expecting a child
Bills due around the house
So she needs some funds now
Hooked up with pretty tony & pretty tony put her out
No longer in the land of liven for liven her life wild


He was o.g. gangster killer thug
Hard to the core & couldn't be touch
He stayed gone off that drank always carried him a shank
He was quick draw mcgraw pull a trigger wouldn't think
Blazed up the block
And kept the spot hot
Sold the kind of dope that made ya bones rot
Non stop shuting down shop d-bo style
Cats call him phyche-ward cause his attitude wild
He was bloodin' they were crippin'
Burnt a few bridges
Shorted the wrong cats now he ducking dodging hit men
Hitmen said his one life to live was over
He was young and restless looking over his shoulder
No more wanted the hood life
Schemed a plan to take flight
Tired of liven left adecided to go right
Went right chose life no strife gained sight
Tesitmony carries weight bringing thugs to the light


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