I said my name is krazy and i rock temple fades
I said my name is ii tre and i rock the braids
My lyrics be blaze get your calling or get played
Cause if you don't get saved you'll be gone in a daze
See i keeps it i keeps it stompin
In my b-boots man i keep it stompin
You can catch me in blue or red g
Cause i represent that g-o-d

Jesus christ lord of lords i'm a let it be known
Mainline type of god dial him up on the phone
Something's wrong i can't seem to be still
I'm letting loose swinging arms like a windmill
Spirit filled when i get crunk
Gorilla knocks in your car make your trunk crunch
Your boat sunk if you blashpeme the most high
And most cry when they die feeling toast fire
The flames burn whodi

Chrous: spot souls from the east to west
Dump scriptures all in they chest
Make sure you wearin your vest
If not you bout to be blessed
Get hype if you want
These beats damaging your trunk
Christians on the rise
Cause we be lifting up christ

We spot souls like binoculars i see you
See your spirit feels blue so you have no clues
Well mine grew i eat solid food like steak
Holyghost touch grass i just grab my rake
I lick plates grubbing on t.d. jakes
I stomp snakes, why? cause i won't be baked
We not fake inner soul won't be touched
You not saved get saved whodi just wise up

Hold up cause you know souf land comin to lay it down
Better back up off me cause you know souf land is finna clown
Praising my jesus in this thang baby
Better back up off me cause we hell's most wanted baby
Now please believe me
I don't think you rappers think believe fat meat is greasy
And if they hate well let em hate baby
And i'll tell em just like that
Please get up off the track
Cause you know we rip it back
And we layin demons flat


Sometimes i roll em hard sometimes i roll em strong
Ii tre gotta rip it up and run this bible through your dome
Use my bible as my chrome so i'm known to click clack
I spit it hot for the world christed out on the track
Back and forth everyday passing the mic up in a show
Gotta stay up on my toes
Hold up dog let me go
Just remember who wrote this flow
Krazy world get it crunk fa sho
Man you know that's how we roll leaving satan on the floor
We leaving satan on the floor we rebuking his knees
Man i need a demon collar cause they itchin like fleas
I'm a fisherman of men my lure is my m-i-c
L-i-v-e backwards don't want it with krazy and me
Huffin puffin we leave em nothing
Cause you know that we leave the church jumpin
Don't stop pra-praising jesus
Cause you know that he will never leave us we


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