I'm from that
Wild west town
From that confederate south
Arkansas boi where it's about to go down
Home of the hogs, twisters and river blades
That uncle sam diamond the 25th state
River valley riders sebastian county saints
Souf land.com in full effect man
I'm a give praises to the father i don't care who get mad
Loosen up my bible belt and let my pants sag
Get what you fill off your chest
And calm that other mess
Shootin for nothing but the best
And won't settle for nothing less
I got love for my hood, i got love for my block
I got love for my city and that love won't stop
Given all glory to god
Yahweh and adoni,
Elohim and el elyon,
El roy and el shaddi
Boi jehovah jireh
Nissi shalom and raah
Tsikdnu and rapha
In him no one can stop us

Above louisiana below the state of missouri
Right of oklahoma brotha left of tennessee
Arkansas (8x)

I'm from that dirty dirty
Don't think you heard me heard me
Above louisiana below missouri-souri
Right of oklahoma left of tennessee
Little rock fayetteville and jacksonville g
Fort smith arkansas is where i'm from
Live it up man until the day that i'm done
And if the devil step up man i split his bun
I'm a holyfied christian what you hollin bout son
I'm a arkansas boy layin it down for jehovah
Fort smith is the city boy i thought i done told ya
Round here is where you find christians full of that fire
Full of that word no lie and holdin it down like jerehiah
Better know this is my home
As i take you through this song
Please believe this is the zone
Down here is where it's on


Comin straight from the land of the arkansas
Like a pack of meat we comin raw
Jesus comin all up out of my jaw
Bringing souls to the lord like a alter call
Trying to represent my state like i'm petey pab-
Lo/low to the floor rapping is my hob
By/bees will sting in the natural
State your city this a roll call
West m-town to the fort town got it locked
El dorado at the bottom mountain home at the top
Forrest city, wynne, pine bluff all on the spot
Conway and the springs where it's always hot
Fayetteville, russelleville, j-ville
Blytheville, batesville, lewisville
Conway, greenwood keep it trill
Hope, newport, and clarksville
I am a fort smith souf land christed out soldier have you heard
I'm bringing gospel to them states that's in that dirty 3rd
The south is in your mouth with flavor like some candy nerds
And we don't have to cuss and we don't have to drink that syrup
We serve jehovah with no compromise and that's fa sho
That's how we livin down in arkansas so now you know
So if you rollin in your hummer with them twenty-fours
Just bump this in your jbls until the speaker blows

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