Fresh up off the bench now i'm starting for the team
Wide open on the fast break cause i'm tryin to take the lead
Shootin guard baby boi and ain't scared to pull for three
You better put two on me and then tighten up your d
Cause jehovah is the coach with the dopest plays
365 days and i start every game
I got a life time contract with a sign up bonus
And if i ask it coach'll get man what ever i'm wantin'
See as a rookie it took me
A bit to get in the groove
Time after time i've learn to keep my cool
But now your boi ain't trippin' i'll pull a mix tape move
Make like a yellow bus son and take you to school
I'm liable to catch the mic and shake you up
Jump from the baseline in your face and punch
Went from the streets to the league to an allstar what (echo)

My occupation is producer my position is the point
I'm making my teammates look good when i'm setting
Them up in the booth when they rockin this joint
I dribble with my bible cause it's all authentic leather
I come prepared for storms cause i done played in bad weather
Whether fatigue or rested on fire and fully blessed
Teammates be scorching nets my shot wet so don't try to test it
Don't even try to press this my handles teach you lessons
I bring my "a" game to the court so respect this
My gift is like my kicks they elevate my the top
They say it must be the shoes whether nike or reebok
Watch the clock number 666 in foul trouble
Your down 7 points and them devils trying to double
Timeout huddle ya head band is dry third stringer
Too scared up in the game but you pointing the finger
Anger lingers, you might not get to see overtime
So step it up before you lose the game of life and you dying

Man shoot the word anything comes off i put back in
Score points for the team cause i'm in to win
Throw up your scripture when i grab all rims they bend
And if i fall got to get back up cause he forgives my sin
Turn around d up man i steal again
Shake right shake left on the devil i spin
Behind my back slam dunk evil spirits we stomp
We back down court man and all cameras they flash
Ain't got nothing to say so with no look i pass
Got the devil screaming out man he's too fast
Time out back in cause the clock can't last
Lucifer mad cause i broke the glass
The game is over on the court on the court screaming jehovah 4x

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