Folks looking at me sideways on these highways
Spit it hard tryin to save someone that's why i pray
Ain't no delaying we invading the airways
If you didn't hear what i say then hit that replay
We gone be okay platinum mike got you groovin
Keep you cruising we pursuing this real movement on the radio
Got your head blown like that hydro
Producing 180 hearts in the studio
Keep it real on the streets this that real consuming heat
Keep it bumpin on yo beat if you rollin on them feet
Cadillac parking lot pimpin i see you limpin
I'm from that dirty carolina north where them big boys be shrimping
Ain't trippin on the streets know what i mean
Looking like fiends they only purpose is to get that cream cream
I'm showing love to these thugs with no hesitation
This thing is unseen that's why we showing heavy pursuasion

Roll down the window turn it up we ridin
See me roll past show love we ridin
Roll down the window turn it up we ridin
If you rollin on hubs or dubs we ridin

Right elbow pointing down and the other pointing left
When i let them intercect you know just what i rep
I'm mad bless without sneezing with a cold
Like new air forces i got a clean sole/soul
Ya swervin in ya burban swangin in the lankin
3 twelves in the back got ya head rangin
Steady maintainin, minds rearrangin
Better flip quick for you wind up flamin
Arkansas boy with that north cacky-lacky
We gone bring mad flavors like laffy taffy
Got the wind blowin through my hair while it's nappy
Bending corners switching lanes holla at me shaggy


I swith more cds than fab's throwbacks
Keep a bible ready on top of my left floor mat
Tank low, i gotta put four on that
Bumping something hard enough to have a chest with no back
I'm tore back cause i'm gone off that holyghost
Let it be known that i'm clean like your hunnit spokes
Three is the coast a down south representer
Page flipper mind shifter slip and quick repenter
I'm quick to spit a little riddle hotter than a griddle
So while you nibble on your skittles we gone make it sizzle
So while you in your ride and chillin with your nizzles frizzle
Just hit repeat bringing the heat it's wiz and ii trizzle


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